Initial Attorney Visits to Immigrants Detained by Immigration

Initial Attorney Visits to Immigrants Detained by Immigration

When an immigrant is detained by the Department of Homeland Security, the immigration court process will usually begin within two or three weeks of the date that the immigrant is detained.  It is vital to obtain the services of an attorney early in this process, because the attorney needs as much time as possible to investigate, research, and advise as to the proper strategy for the immigrant’s case.  This usually requires the attorney to visit the immigrant at the appropriate immigration detention center.  Usually, attorneys are allowed to visit immigrants with very little difficulty.  Unlike with family and friend visitations, most of the immigration detention centers allow for attorney visits 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

Our Process

Our office’s usual practice when an immigrant is detained by DHS is to go and visit them immediately.  We conduct a one or two hour interview, review the documents the immigrant receives from DHS at the detention center, and investigate the immigrant’s record completely so that we can advise as to two important questions: first, whether the immigrant may be released from custody on an Immigration Bond; and second, whether there is any way that the immigrant may qualify to stay in the United States legally.  If a family member, friend, or loved one has been detained by DHS, please contact our office immediately to discuss setting up a visit between one of our attorneys and the immigrant at the detention center as soon as possible.

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