Immigration Opinions for Criminal Lawyers & Defendants

Immigration Opinions for Criminal Lawyers & Defendants

After the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Padilla v. Kentucky (2010) that criminal defense attorneys must advise noncitizen or immigrant clients about the deportation risks of a guilty plea to a criminal offense, our office has specialized in offering written opinions to criminal defendants or criminal defense attorneys as to immigration rights and consequences in criminal cases.  If you are a defendant or a criminal defense attorney seeking advice about possible immigration consequences of a guilty plea or possible plea bargain, please do not hesitate to contact our office today to discuss your case.  We would be happy to provide professional written advice and analysis to address any criminal case or possible plea bargain.

Lessons from the Past

We know that we can not live together without rules which tell us what is right and what is wrong, what is permitted and what is prohibited. We know that it is law which enables man to live together, that creates order out of chaos. We know that law is the glue that holds civilization together. And we know that if one man’s rights are denied, the rights of all of us are in danger.

Bobby Kennedy

Law Day Address at the University of Georgia Law School, delivered 6 May 1961, Athens, Georgia

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