Hello everyone,

During this difficult time of the coronavirus epidemic, we at the Law Office of Joshua Mikrut really hope you’re all keeping yourselves and your families safe and entertained. Due to the immediate crisis, most businesses around Michigan have been ordered not to conduct in-person business between March 24th and April 13th. We remain open and working on cases, but our office at 1880 28th St. is officially closed to in-person business.

Current Clients

If you have a payment to make, please send a check or money order to 1880 28th St. SW, Wyoming, MI 49519. We will send you a receipt. We will still be attempting to answer the phone between 8:30a and 4:30p Monday through Friday, and so we’re also happy to accept credit card payments over the phone during this time. In this time of fear and uncertainty, we are doing our best to continue answering phone calls and to carry on serving our clients as best we can, but we also anticipate that there will be some delays of our service due to the coronavirus. We will still be submitting all work according to all legal deadlines, but you may experience some delays in hearing back from us. Please continue to call and send text messages, or feel free to email us at josh@mikrutlaw.com. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding, and for your business!

New Consults

We ARE still taking consults during the coronavirus shutdown. If you would like to schedule one, we’re happy to accommodate, but all consults will be conducted by phone, Skype, What’s App, or FaceTime. We’re happy to try to accommodate the best we can, but we are currently not accepting in-person consults during the coronavirus shutdown. Feel free to use the feature at the bottom of this page and we’ll be happy to contact you to set up a free consult, or feel free to call our office at (616) 730-3197. If you have a legal emergency, we are checking our voicemails 24 hours a day, and will get back to you as soon as possible if you need to call outside normal business hours.


Josh Mikrut & Team