My name is Joshua Mikrut… I am a Spanish-speaking attorney serving West Michigan.  Until last month, I worked for an office called the Avanti Law Group, where I spent three great years practicing immigration, criminal and family law.  Two weeks ago, I opened my own practice and am looking forward to working with the Latino community in West Michigan in the future.

I have a lot of ideas about the importance of serving the community in West Michigan as an attorney, which is why I opened my own practice. I know how important the work of an attorney is, especially in immigration and criminal law.  I have stood alongside families in very difficult circumstances and have both suffered and celebrated with them. 

I believe very strongly that it is an attorney’s job to make the American system of government work for individual people.  After all, the government exists to provide, defend and protect individual liberty.  Our system does not and will not work as it was originally intended to work if rights are not defended against the power of government, and within the complicated systems and rules of government.  

I have always wanted to work for people—for families, churches & community organizations and small businesses.  Large corporations and government will never lack legal representation.  But in times of crisis, in times of difficulty and trial, it is the job of the attorney to protect the rights of individual people.  I became a lawyer to do exactly that.  I want to help untangle difficult circumstances in which people find themselves.  I want to do my part to make sure the system works for everyone. I believe lawyers should do everything they can to make their work as much of a public service as possible.

I have spent my entire career trying to do this, and now I hope to take my efforts to the next level.  Thank you very much for reading!